From the heart!

From the heart!

How are you?⁣

These can be very stressful times. As we proceed into this quarantine we can find ourselves short fused, on edge and scared. ⁣

The uncertainty of what’s going on and what is going to happen next can make you feel extremely anxious! ⁣

Whether it be financially, getting sick or even being unable to get the things you need leaves this pit in the bottom of your stomach. ⁣

Yesterday I was feeling very emotional… I’ve been trying to stay busy and made a list of things I need to work on in the house so I spent one day on my daughters closet and 4 days repainting and redoing my stairway area.⁣

I turned my worship music up and sang from my heart to God, cried multiple times and painted away. It’s what I needed though to give my anxiety to God because there is NOTHING he can’t handle.⁣

Children at any age can be challenging!
Having an 11 & 14 year old at home has its own challenges… lack of motivation or help around the house has been REALLY frustrating. ⁣

I had my moment 3 days ago where I started yelling. I had to take a step back and take a time out. The devil thrives in these situations and if you let him in he will reek havoc. ⁣

I have anxiety and panic attacks so I have came up with a list of things that work for me to help calm my soul. ⁣

It is so very important to do one thing everyday for yourself. Whether it be a bath with lavender or listening to music. ⁣

I will be posting an idea everyday that you can do for yourself to take a moment for YOU! Stay tuned.

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