From the heart!

Self love!

This year my goal is to work on ME!⁣

In the last 10 years I gradually lost myself. Last year I went through a divorce and I was scared as hell! At this point I didn’t know who I was anymore. I really struggled with being alone! (I still do.) What do you say to someone you don’t know? You spend time with them and get to know them right? That’s what I’m working on…spending time with me and getting to know me!⁣

I lived for my children, being a wife, a nurse always filling everybody else’s cup. I never did things to fill my cup… I never did things that made ME happy, like spending alone time with god, listening to music, taking a bath, shopping, going to the art museum, a symphony, dance class etc.⁣

My goal this year is to really dig deep and find myself again! I am worthy of happiness and love! AND SO ARE YOU!!!!⁣

For all of you mommas out there, it is soooo easy to get stuck in juggling the hundreds of roles we play and forgetting to make time for yourself… please start filling your own cup! You can’t fill anyone else’s if yours is empty.

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