From the heart!

From the heart

vulnerablepost ⁣#divorcesucks

My goal for 2020 is to share my heart more! ⁣

I felt very alone going through my divorce and I would love it if I can help one person feel less alone by my words.⁣

Today’s thought…⁣

Earlier today I was thinking about what I could have done to save my marriage last year.⁣

What was god’s purpose of pushing me to my breaking point with my ex? I never wanted a divorce. I always dreamed of telling my grandkids that I met my husband at age 16. ⁣

Why can’t he just be the man I need him to be? ⁣

Why can’t I love myself enough to walk away instead of crying myself to sleep and having panic attacks every night?⁣

I need to stay in this marriage so my children don’t have to be in a broken home… ⁣

I can’t do this financially on my own.. What can I do to make him put me first?⁣ ⁣
I’ve learned the answer is … NOTHING! ⁣

It took me 12 years of marriage to realize, you can’t change anybody but yourself.⁣

I was at my breaking point where I felt trapped and I couldn’t breathe. I had no choice but to put me first for once. My anxiety was at its highest, my migraines were debilitating, I would have panic attacks where I couldn’t catch my breath. ⁣

I will end my thoughts with this…⁣

You are enough!⁣

Life is way too short to live like that. There is definitely something to the statement “Stress will kill you”⁣

Choose happiness!⁣

You deserve to be treated nothing short of AMAZING!⁣

Choose YOU!⁣

You will get through this! ⁣


Please message me if you need a friend 😘⁣

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