I am currently reading the book “Embraced” 100 devotions to know God is holding you close.

Author: Lysa Terkeurst

To Purchase – Amazon:

Page 8 :

“Thank you, Lord, for giving us good things to nourish us in body and soul. Help me dig in to Your word and let it become part of me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Personal meaning to me…

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. The reason I love exercise is not only for my image and health benefits like decreasing heart disease but it is therapeutic to my brain. It helps me stay focused and more relaxed.  I recently have been experiencing a lot of anxiety/panic attacks…

I was at work last week and I started feeling really shaky and then felt like I couldn’t catch my breathe. I sat down at my desk and lost it. I couldn’t stop the tears. I felt embarrassed! At that moment I realized I needed to talk to my Dr.

Part of treating anxiety for me is exercise! How does this relate to the prayer you may ask? Because exercise is nourishing to my body and soul! Thank you Lord!!!

I will share more from this book as it speaks to me! I am loving these devotions because it is bringing me closer to God and it is a daily reminder that I can’t do this thing called life without him!

”I started getting into God’s word so it could get into me”

Thank you for following my journey,

❤ Dawn

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